Information Online Limited

Creating a web presence for you.

We provide responsive web design using the latest techniques - HTML5, CSS, media queries etc. Responsive design means the pages changes its layout as it is resized. Try it with this page. You do not need a stand alone mobile site with responsive design so there is no duplication.

The service we offer will allow your customers and potential customers to find out more about your products or services via the World Wide Web. From there they will be able to make enquiries or place orders with you.

This page gives information outlining the service’s charges and benefits. After reading it please don’t hesitate to call to discuss this service. I realise you may not know much about computers but that is our strength.

We look forward to hearing from you to arrange a professional image for your company on the Web.

Standard Service

(all prices exclude GST)

  • Only $15 per month (minimum of 3 months).
  • Hosting of your own domain name.
  • $15 set up fee. ($30 domain registration fee is separate)
  • 30 email addresses
  • Up to 1 Gig of data traffic each month.
  • ftp access
  • Statistics on visits to your pages - free.
  • First two hours free to get you started.
  • Windows or linux account
  • php, cgi bin, perl, asp scripts.
  • SQL Server and MySql database support
  • guest books and bulletin boards

Other Services:

  • Photo or artwork scanning service available.
  • Web page development and brochure/photo scanning/digital photography $85 per hour.
  • First two hours free to get you started.


  • No computer knowledge required.
  • Managed, secure Web site.
  • Your web page is much larger than any newspaper ad for a much lower cost.
  • Viewable world wide.
  • email replies are much faster than post.
  • People can search for your service with out knowing your Internet address.
  • Accept orders or enquiries over the Internet.
  • Users can print all or part of your Web page.
  • We speak your language - not jargon.
  • Link from the Yellow Pages site.

What you need to do

  • Decide what information you want on your page.
  • Type it up in a document so you’re not paying us to type it again.
  • Send us your brochures, photographs, company logo, letterhead, business card etc.
  • Phone us if you have any questions.

Once we have told you your web page address (e.g. you need to make people aware of it. Put it on your letterhead, all advertising material, business cards, brochures, email etc. Any document you send to customers or a potential customer will see should have your web page address on it.

Questions and Answers

What would I want made into a graphic?
Your company logo is a good example. Maybe photos of yourself and staff, your premises or a location map, your products, your brochures.

What is "The Internet"?
Two or more computers joined together (networked) is a network. Two or more networks joined is an internet. The Internet is millions of computers joined world wide. The Internet started in the late 1950’s and was used for US government use. It grew as educational and government agencies used it. Then as companies that did business needed to be connected it grew further. As telecommunication and computer costs have dropped, as technology gets cheaper, more and more people can afford to connect to the Internet. The advantage is if part of the network goes down the messages on it take another route.

What is the WWW?
The World Wide Web, or simply the web, is a protocol or language invented in the early nineties. It uses a hypertext mark up language (html) and style sheets (CSS). The mark up language is interpreted by the web browser so that a document can be displayed with complex formatting.

Why do I have to put my page’s address on my documents?
Unlike the phone system where everyone lists their number there is no index on the Internet. If you don’t advertise your page’s address no one will know it exists. There are search engines that "crawl" the web indexing its contents. Even these need to be initially told of your page’s existence. If there was an index it would quickly be out of date as the web is so dynamic.

How often should I update my web page?
That depends on how static the information is. If you have staff changes and list staff profiles. If you have specials on. If you change your product list or price list. Keep it fresh.

How many New Zealanders can see my web page?
In June 1997 620,000 New Zealanders had Internet access. By late 2003 this was up to 2,643,000 people. That was 78% of New Zealanders (aged 10+). It is now considered to be at saturation point. Everyone who wants it has it.

How do people find my web page?
By including the web address we give you on all your documents or by searching for you via a search site such as Google.

How do I know if my site has been visited?
We will provide you with the ability to see your stats via your web portal. We can also configure google analytics for you.

We look forward to hearing from you to arrange a professional image for your business on the World Wide Web. Remember, to get you started, the first two hours of development are free.